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Direct Marketing Strategies

November 19, 2010 in Direct Sales | Comments (329)

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Six Smart Direct Marketing Strategies

Direct marketing is an advertisement that is different from the traditional advertisements such as televisions, newspapers, and radios. Instead, mails are then used as medium of spreading the news of the business.  The business then communicates directly and being sent to homes with the complete information of the product on it.

Since the mail strategy has worked for more than 100 years, and now the technology has evolved. Instead of mails, the advertisements that are sent now are through emails. There is then the easy ability for the consumer to respond to the email. Here are the strategies for direct marketing that are proven to be effective.

First, if sending by mail is still necessary, the name of the recipient should be on it instead of the “home owner” written. This has been effective and tested for more than decades. By this, you let the recipient feel that the mail is intentionally for them and that makes them feel special. Ideally, this is only applicable if the advertisement will take 4-5 pages long.

Second, is sending through email. It is then best that the emails should be informative enough. Don’t use too many words. It is advantage for a short word with plenty of link. This will allow the recipient to have a wider view of the content or of the product. This is also an advantage for you since you can then trace how many people have accessed the website or the link that you attached to the emails.

Third, both mails and emails should be easy to respond. There must be a sense of urgency on each that was sent. For mails, a pre-stamped postcard with an answerable of “yes” can be sent so that it would be easy to send the card back.

Fourth is to offer a promotion. This calls for urgency for the customer to buy the product and giving them the impression of a lot of savings. This strategy should be computed properly so that the business can still go on and bankruptcy will then be out of the track.

Fifth, is offering the value of the money of your customers. This is the ability to offer a guarantee that the products sold are free of defect. If so, the money-back guarantee or free of replacement will then take place.

The last and the most important among the strategies, is your defense. Competitors are all around you and possibly may also be using the strategies that you are using. If the competitor is always offering a lower price, always then cite the benefits and the quality of value of the product that you are offering.

These smart direct marketing strategies are now being observed of all those who have succeeded their businesses and considering now an expansion.

Direct Sales Tips

November 18, 2010 in Direct Sales | Comments (303)

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Eight Powerful Direct Sales Tips

Direct sales tips are widely needed especially if you are just starting out with direct selling business. There are a lot of tips available, however, there are only few set of tips that can be effective to others and may not to you. Here are the most effective direct sales tips that can be effective for starters.

First is confidence. this should be an individual’s partner in his career, but for starting a business, this is one of the must-haves. To gain confidence, you must believe and feel that what you are selling is useful and is a good value.

Second is patience. As much as the saying goes “patience is a virtue”, this is even more applicable in direct selling. There are some consumers who needs to think it several times and requires longer period before they can say “yes”.  The first and second no, will not drive a patient entrepreneur down.

Third is being true to yourself. Many think that a salesperson has an outgoing personality. And so with this impression, a person who is just starting the business will then try to imitate that personality. The person will then have a lot more time of coping to that personality while making and doing sale. It is best that the true personality will then be used since each individual should have their own strategy and style.

Fourth is never selling by force. If you pressure a customer to buy your product, you will not then develop a good and loyal customer.

The other half of the direct sales tips are as follows: fifth is not to plead when offering the product. In this way, you still won’t develop a customer, but instead, just a sympathy one. Sixth is being well-informed of your product. Educate your customer of the value, the need that your product can cover and the satisfaction that your customer can get. By this, your customer can also build their trust in you.

Seventh, is closing the sale. This is the most critical approach. It will assist you if the presentation is done effectively. This is the overall judgment. And lastly, you need to start setting goals for your own.  You must be motivated and have the goal for your business to earn and grow.

Direct selling has been a popular career. And this has helped a lot of people. No need to be surprised if one can buy their own houses and cars by using the direct selling. Try the Direct Sales Tips, and who knows, you can be one of them.