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Work from Home Opportunities

November 21, 2010 in Work From Home | Comments (307)

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Easiest Work From Home Opportunities

Work from home opportunities now vary, especially since more and more employers are seeking individuals who are interested in working online. All is needed for you to take advantage is a computer with good specifications and the commitment to work. These jobs are simple and all is needed is your patience for this to be completed. Here are the work from home opportunities that are found to be lucrative nowadays:

Paid to take an online survey

Your client will then provide you a software and website where you can take the online survey. Every survey that you take has its value that you can earn either by weekend or depending on how long the project runs.

Data-Entry Job

This job will enhance you being a detail oriented person. The job covers transferring the information from the website or from their database to a different form of which copy and pasting of variables is needed that will then be available. This job also covers the corrections of data that needs to be entered into a certain program or software. The pay can either be hourly or based on the number of entries made.

Typing Jobs

Most jobs involving typing will ask you to type the words and figures shown that you will need to transfer to a can-be documented and printable software. This will also enhance accuracy of your typing skills.  Transcription jobs are also one of the common opportunities. You will be given a recording piece that needs to be documented. The rate will then be based on the duration of the recording that needs to be transcribed.

Virtual Assistant

You can either be one of the office staffs or can be your client’s personal assistant. This requires camera and headset for the task. You will then be monitored by your client and be addressed of the tasks that are needed to be completed. Required skills for this job are software handling, email and phone etiquette, good communication skills and the ability to multitask. This will be an hourly rate charge that may run to number of months depending on your performance and the satisfaction of the client. This is the most critical task among the provided work from home opportunities in this article.

Customer service jobs

No need to dress up and go to the office. This only requires a high speed internet and a phone. The job will need you to provide the information to customer, address complaints and provide solution to their issues. The client will provide a detailed training that will help you perform the assigned task.

The said jobs are just a few of the work from home opportunities that are offered online at the present. And you may find these jobs everywhere on different websites since these are the most common jobs that are offered.